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Corporate Parents

When you go into care your local authority becomes your ‘corporate parent’. This means that although the local authority is an organisation and not an actual person, it still has responsibility for helping you to grow up well and be happy, just like a parent should.

The law provides guidance to corporate parents and states that, 

“In order to thrive, children and young people have certain key needs that good parents generally meet. The corporate parenting principles set out seven principles that local authorities must have regard to when exercising their functions in relation to children looked after and young people".  These are:

  • To act in the best interests, and promote the physical and mental health and well-being, of those children and young people 

  • To encourage those children and young people to express their views, wishes and feelings

  • To take into account the views, wishes and feelings of those children and young people

  • To help those children and young people gain access to, and make the best use of, services provided by the local authority and its relevant partners

  • To promote high aspirations, and seek to secure the best outcomes, for those children and young people

  • For those children and young people to be safe, and for stability in their home lives, relationships and education or work; and

  • To prepare those children and young people for adulthood and independent living

Corporate parents in each local authority work together and share responsibility for acting on behalf of the children and young people in their care.