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The Wirral Promise

Your promise

Wirral Council and its partners to promise you these things to help you:

  • be treated as individuals
  • have a positive time while we are in care
  • plan for a great future.

Our involvement is the answer and your feedback is important.

The Wirral Promise for young people

You want:

  • to be treated the same as everyone else and not be judged
  • a safe and stable home
  • our care plan to be clear and explained to us
  • to be supported to achieve our best
  • information about what we are entitled to
  • our voices and opinions heard not just listened to
  • our meetings to be held outside of school
  • to know how to get health information and who to contact
  • more support in applying for jobs and preparing for interviews
  • to be taught basic life skills by our foster carers
  • to know and understand who can make decisions for us so we can get on with our everyday lives and enjoy growing up just like other young people.