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Inclusion Service

What is the looked after Inclusion Service?

The looked after Inclusion Service aims to:

  • Ensure looked after children and young people have a voice in decisions made about them
  • Represent children and young people’s views locally, regionally and nationally
  • Develop links for Looked after children and young people to contribute towards the development of the Children and Young People’s Department
  • Ensure that services for them are relevant to their needs as a diverse group
  • Develop projects locally, regionally and nationally
  • Ensure Looked after children are consulted around service delivery, and are involved in the recruitment, selection and training of social care staff
  • Support the Children in Care Council to effectively monitor service delivery in areas of social care that affect them
  • Create opportunities for young people in care, leaving care and with additional needs to participate in positive activities, and promote their achievements

Who can I contact?

Fiona O'Shaughnessy

  • Phone 0151 678 1936
  • Mobile 07785975927

The service is based at: Moreton Family Centre, Pasture Road, Moreton, Wirral, CH46 8SA.